This page is dedicated to the horse show managers,
who run shows in accordance with the PHSA.
H O R S E   S H O W   N O T E S:
Attention Show Secretaries:

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...Classic Information:
  • This class will be run at 3’, 3’3”, and 3’6”.
  • This will be offered as a 2 round classic ONLY for horses recorded with PHSA (rider and
    owner membership must be in accordance with PHSA rules).
  • Open to PHSA recorded horses with junior, amateur or professional riders who show in a 3’,
    3’3” or 3’6” division.
  • Riders must declare their designated division in horse show office prior to class.
  • Bonus PHSA points will be awarded to top finishers in their designated divisions.
  • Must be run as a stand alone 2 round classic.
    In order for exhibitor's points to count towards the 2018 USHJA Stirrup Cup Awards, the specs in
    your 'B' & 'C' rated prize lists MUST match the 2018 USHJA SC specs. Read about it here.
        PHSA | 2018