The Sunnybrook Ballroom
Pottstown, PA
Sunday, 1/19/20
Thank You
contributors of the 40th Annual
PHSA Awards Banquet
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Judge's Forum - USHJA Zone 2
Invitation Design by EM Graphics
Green Pony Hunter - First Edition HM (Lauren Gallagher)
Small Pony Hunter - Picturesque Caught You Looking (Kathryn Gooden)
Medium Pony Hunter - Chicken (Cassandra Smith)
Large Pony Hunter - By Jove (Ella Doerr)
Short Stirrup Hunter - Roses Are Blue (Julie Baum)
Short Stirrup Equitation - Chandler Salita
Small Junior Hunter - Quentin (Julia Zug)
Large Junior Hunter - Pizzazz (Tori Leitman)
Junior Hunter 3'3" - In The Dark (Holly Boutcher)
Pre-Children's Small/Medium Pony Hunter - Arnaby Bodacious (Tessa Carlino)
Pre-Children's Large Pony Hunter - A La Mode (Emily Tholan)
Pre-Children's Horse 14 & Under - Hidden Creek's Shiocton (Paul Pasqualini)
Pre-Children's Horse 15-17 - Huinen (McKenna Gooden)
Children's Small/Medium Pony Hunter - Great Blue (Ella Frank)
Children's Large Pony Hunter - Chess Peace (Maeve Crowley)
Children's Hunter Horse 14 & Under - Camelot (Ryleigh Crisafulli)
Children's Hunter Horse 15-17 - Gold (Shelby Odell)
Pre-Adult Hunter - Whestbrook (Amanda Gooden)
Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 - Against All Odds (Kassandra Nulton)
Adult Amateur Hunter 36 & Over - Headliner FF (Kelly Williams)
Amateur Owner Hunter 3'3" - Same Page (Laura Gross)
Low Hunter - Obsession (Norah Crowley)
Modified Hunter - All Star (Nicholas S. Bell)
Baby Green/Young Hunter - Naples Z (Katie Dugan)
Green Hunter 3' & 3'3" - In Tune (Mary Bast)
Performance Working Hunter - Varekai (Nicole Dorwart)
Children's Jumper - Armani (MacKenzie Fitch)
PA Bred Yearling Colts & Gelding - Royalsport (Nicole Uchrin)
PA Bred Yearling Fillies - Nikita (Jessica Patterson)
PA Bred Two Year Old Colts & Geldings - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
PA Bred Two Year Old Fillies - Lyra Avillo T (Avery Rosolowski)
PA Bred Three Year Old - Lyric (Karen Raach) & Brilliancze (Kimberly Hennon)
Non-TB Yearling Colts & Gelding - Royalsport (Nicole Uchrin)
Non-TB Yearling Filly - Estrella (Casey Papp)
Non-TB Two Year Old Colts & Geldings - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
Non-TB Two Year Old Fillies - Caberneigh (Linda Mancini)
Non-TB Three Year Old - Qismet (Lori Johnston)
TB 2 Year Old Fillies - Kotillion Attire (Taylor Deary)
Mares Four Years & Older Suitable to Produce - Working Class (April Reineke)
PA Bred Yearling Ponies - Lottery (Rebecca Hunt)
PA Bred Two Year Old Ponies - Royal Theodosia (Denise Hankinson)
PA Bred Three Year Old Ponies - Royal Finale (Melissa Jo Hollingsworth)
Yearling Pony Colts & Geldings - Orchard Hills Shameless (Nicole Adams)
Yearling Pony Fillies - Remarkable (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
Two Year Old Pony Colts & Geldings - Horizon Hill's Chromatic (Karen Raach)
Two Year Old Hunter Pony Fillies - Royal Theodosia (Denise Hankinson)
Three Year Old Hunter Ponies - Rosehaven Pocketful of Posies (Sally Steinmetz)
Mares Four Years Old & Older Suitable to Produce Ponies - Rosehaven Lady Slipper (Sally Steinmetz)
Young Working Hunter U/S - Renaissance (Lori Johnston)
Young Hunter U/S - Renaissance (Lori Johnston)
Young Pony Hunter U/S - Blueberry (Jennifer Horner-Shirk)
Amateur Handler - Austin Faxon

High Score Pony Hunter - Picturesque Caught You Looking (Kathryn Gooden)
High Score Children's Pony Hunter - Great Blue (Ella Frank)
High Score Children's Hunter Horse - Gold (Shelby Odell)
High Score Performance Horse/Pony - In The Dark (Holly Boutcher)
High Score Registered TB Performance Hunter - Against All Odds (Kassandra Nulton)
High Score Pre-Children's Hunter Horse - Hidden Creek's Shiocton (Paul Pasqualini)
High Score Yearling Horse - Royalsport (Nicole Uchrin)
High Score Two Year Old Horse - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
High Score PA Bred Horse - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
High Score TB Breeding Horse - Kotillion Attire (Taylor Deary)
High Score Non-TB Horse - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
High Score Hunter Breeding Horse - Zeal (Dawn Taylor-Bell)
High Score Hunter Breeding Pony - Royal Theodosia (Denise Hankinson)
High Score PA Bred Hunter Pony - Royal Theodosia (Denise Hankinson)

High Score Performance Leading Trainer - Megghan Watts
High Score Leading Handler - Emily Belin
"From The Heart"
Scholarship Award
Jessica Patterson
Horse Show of the Year
Heritage Acres
Ray Gambone Memorial
Trophy awarded to
Michelle Baum
Harry Gill Trophy
awarded to
Locke Ellen Kelly
Hall of Fame
Lemon Springs
Martha B. Ferguson
Sportsmanship Award
Hailey Salita
Rebekah Robinson
Grooms Award
Holly Weeks