This page is dedicated to the horse show managers, who run shows in accordance with the PHSA.
H O R S E   S H O W   N O T E S:
Points will not count until horse show payment is received in full
Horse shows must adhere to PHSA specs when offering PHSA recognized divisions in order for points to count

Send all points to Locke Ellen Kelly at

  • This class will be run at 3’, 3’3”, and 3’6”.
  • This will be offered as a 2 round classic ONLY for horses recorded with PHSA (rider and owner membership must
    be in accordance with PHSA rules).
  • Open to PHSA recorded horses with junior, amateur or professional riders who show in a 3’, 3’3” or 3’6” division.
  • Riders must declare their designated division in horse show office prior to class.
  • Bonus PHSA points will be awarded to top finishers in their designated divisions.
  • Must be run as a stand alone 2 round classic.
    In order for exhibitor's points to count towards the 2019 USHJA Stirrup Cup Awards, the specs in your 'B' & 'C' rated prize lists MUST
    match the 2019 USHJA SC specs. Read about it here.

Or print form and mail to:
c/o Nina McMenamin
PO Box 183
Chester Springs, PA  19425