Meet The Baums!
Grace (16), Natalie (11) & Julie (9)
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Member Spotlight Questionnaire  
Who is your trainer?
Linda Furches, Foxtale Farm, Oley PA

Where do you live?
Oley, PA
What makes them special?
Bamboleo is a 10yr old Silla Argentino unicorn who has done it all.  Currently doing the
Equitation with Grace but previously competed in show jumping.  He's a sweet guy who loves
to steal fruit and treats from anyone willing to share.

Solo Performance "Liza" is a sweet, big Belgian Warmblood who will be doing the Green Hunters
this summer with Grace.

Cappuccino is an OTTB who Natalie rode in the 1.0m Jumpers and is now moving into the TB
& Children's Divisions.  He is a kind soul who always tries his hardest.

Roses Are Blue "Rosie" is the best pony ever!  Rosie & Julie just moved up to the Modified &
Pre-Children's Hunters.  The two of them will jump through fire to get the job done.  They are
a great team!!
How old were you when you started riding?
We all started riding when we were 3 years old.

What are your horses' names?
Grace: Bamboleo & Solo Performance
Natalie:  Cappuccino
Julie:  Roses Are Blue
Outside of riding, what are your interests?
School is very important to our family so that
always comes first.  We love to travel as a family
and try to take a big trip every year.  We also
have a 5th wheel RV and we love to take trips in
it when weather and time allow.

What are your favorite subjects in school?
Grace:  Science!  I love science and want to go to
medical school so I can pursue a career in Forensic

Natalie:  Music & Art.  I play clarinet and love to
play in our school band.

Julie:  Music!  I play the saxophone & piano and
have recently added the trombone!
What's your favorite food?
Grace:  Breakfast, give me all the
breakfast foods!

Natalie:  I love a good steak with my
mom's homemade port wine reduction

Julie:  Dessert and any kind of fruit
What are your short & long term riding goals?
Grace:  I'd like to continue to compete in the Eq
divisions with Bamboleo and my ultimate dream would
be to get to the Maclay Finals.  I'm super excited to
be working with Liza because she's my first green
horse to help bring along.

Natalie:  Cappy & I have been working on our
transition from the jumpers.  We want to compete in
the TB divisions.  I've also been riding some ponies for
Linda and that is a lot of fun.  Maybe I'll get to go to
the Pony Finals at some point?

Julie:  Rosie & I are working on our equitation so we
can be more competitive in the bigger divisions.  We
have a lot of fun together!  I'm excited for summer
because that means more time at the barn!
If you could ride any horse in the
world, who would it be?
Grace:  Rio Grande or Brunello...this is
a hard question.  I want to ride all of

Natalie:  I would have loved to ride
Sapphire.  She was amazing.

Julie:  I would love to ride Black
Beauty because I love that movie so
What's in your tack trunks?
EVERYTHING and anything.  We have been riding so
long and on so many horses that if it's a horse thing,
it's probably somewhere in some form in our stuff.

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to
Grace:  Oh goodness...this is an embarrassing question.  
I always wear the same socks, underwear & belt to
shows.  If the show is more than one day, I have a B &
C team line-up.

Natalie:  I wear the same socks to shows.  I also tack
up in the same order every time I ride.

Julie:  Not really.  I'm just happy to ride.