Meet Tori Leitman!

Who do you train with?
I train with Kaitlyn Skog at Hidden Farm Hunters in West Chester,

Where do you live?
I live in West Chester and have grown up there. I love the rolling
hills and fields but I also love being able to drive just minutes to
the borough for great shops and restaurants!

How old were you when you started riding?
I started riding when I was five years old. I would frequent my
aunt's house who had a farm and that’s what sparked my love for
horses. I constantly begged my parents to start riding and ever
since my passion has grown.
Outside of riding what are you passionate about?
Outside of riding, I like to travel. I love exploring and understanding new
cultures. My best friend usually travels with me and we love going new
places. I also like working out the days I don't ride.
What's your favorite subject in school?
I really enjoy science, especially biology. I like the natural sciences the
most. I also enjoy psychology and I applied as a psychology major to
colleges to attend this fall.
What are your short and long term riding goals?
I recently moved up to the 3’6” juniors, so my main goal is having
consistent courses. My long term goal would be successfully competing
at JHF and having fun in the national derbies because I'll be leaving for
college shortly after that.
What's in your tack trunk?
I try to keep my tack trunk organized but it is overflowed with
treats like carrots and gingersnaps. My staples in my tack trunk
are earplugs, sport boots, and my HFH ogilvy half pad.

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to riding?
I don’t really have any riding superstitions, but I always show
with treats in my pocket. I like to think it helps her perform
better, and I also like to reward Zazzy for always trying her heart
What is your horse/pony's name? Do you own or lease?
I lease a chestnut mare named Zazzy.
What makes him/her special?
Zazzy, “Pizzazz”, is special to me because she helped to
make my lifelong goals of competing in the juniors come
true. I took her to my first Junior Hunter Finals last
summer. Zazzy’s personality is what makes her so special.
She acts like a queen and loves to be spoiled, especially
with treats. Zazzy is so much fun to ride because she's
comfortable and has a smooth jump. I can always trust her
to save me from my mistakes with complete forgiveness.
After I ride, Zazzy loves having her face scratched and
eating treats.
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