Board of Directors
Mary Beth Lanza
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Vice President
Linda Furches
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Nina McMenamin
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Ellen Derrick Cabot
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Carol Bagoly
Becca Hunt
Samara Jacobs
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Banquet Sponsorship
Locke Ellen Kelly
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Jay Raach
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Horse Show Liaison
April Reineke
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Social Media
Kaitlyn Skog
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Lydia Williamson
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Kathy Gillmer
Doris MacDonald
Meeting Minutes
The vision of the Pennsylvania Horse Shows Association (PHSA) is to provide leadership for   
equestrian sport as well as sport horse breeding in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and     
to do so by promoting the pursuit of excellence based on a foundation of fair, safe competition.

The mission of the Pennsylvania Horse Shows Association (PHSA) is to encourage
sportsmanship, to foster an environment in which talent among riders, both young and old,
can be developed, to provide a safe venue for competitions for both horses and riders, to offer
to the general public the opportunity to view competitions at no cost, thereby enriching their
lives and giving them the opportunity to learn more about equines, and to promote safe
equestrian sport. In carrying out this mission, PHSA accredits horse shows in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which adhere to the laws of the United States, of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and of the rules of USEF, or United States Equestrian
Federation, the national governing body of equestrian sport in the United States.